Var på TED talks och lyssnade på Chris Lonsdale om att lära nytt språk på kort tid.

Han har en idé om att göra detta via 5 principer och 7 steg samt några veckors (4) träning. Sedan är man igång…

Jag tyckte det var så intressant så jag vill förmedla detta till er. Har en tro på att om vi förstår varandra bättre, genom t ex kunna fler språk, så får vi ett rikare liv.
Skriver ner det på engelska eftersom jag inte vill förvanska hans modell som består av 4 delar som är kopplade till varandra;


Information that helps achive Personal Goals has relevance for the outcome!

#1 – Focus on language content that is relevant to you.
#2 – Use your New language as a tool to communicate (from day 1).
#3 – When you first understand the message, you will unconsciously ACQUIRE the language (comprehension is KEY).
#4 – Physiological training (if your face hurts, you are doing the right thing)
#5 – Phycho-physiological STATE matters (happy, relaxed helps)! The very important idea is that you must learn to tolerate ambiguity.

1. Listen a LOT!
2. Focus on getting the meaning FIRST
(before the words)!
3. Start mixing!
4. Focus on core (3000 words give 98% coverage).
5. Get at language parent
6. Copy the face
7. “Direct connect” to mental images
(in brain; same box – different path)

1. The toolbox;

  • What is this?
  • How do you say?
  • I don’t understand…

2. Pronouns, common verb, adjectives such as “you, that, me, give, hot…”

3. Glue words, such as “but, and, even though…”

Language Parent Rules
– Works to understand what you are saying
– Does not correct mistakes
– Confirms understanding by using correct language
– Uses words that the learner knows