I have given talks and seminars since 1998 and in various fields. Many times internally in front of Ericsson staff (20-150 people).

I worked with Hjärtum Seminarier for several years, lecturing on financial processes, internal projects, and leadership.

I gave a talk on “Cultural Leadership” for the Junior Chamber of Commerce. I spoke about my experiences in Saudi and UAE.

Has been a speaker at the Call Center Institute (CCI) annual conference and told how to build a world-class Contact Center (rating 3.7 out of 5).

Service Desk Symposium on Leading a Contact Center to Success (rating 4.2 out of 5). This lecture was a little different because the venue was in the historic Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and I lectured in the Gold Hall.

I conducted a several-day workshop for Let’s Talk for their contact center managers in Lisbon, Portugal.

Collaborated with Gällöfsta Perlan with seminars and being part of their training program for managers, leaders and board members.

It is most interesting to talk about the modern leadership (transformational) that today is all too lacking.