Through the Leading Innovation and Change master’s program at York St John University, I gained invaluable expertise in driving transformative change within organizations. This cutting-edge curriculum equipped me with the strategic vision and practical tools to spearhead innovation initiatives that boost competitiveness and growth.

Core modules explored the catalysts of disruptive innovation, enabling me to identify emerging trends and market opportunities proactively. I honed my ability to develop groundbreaking concepts, build a case for change, and lead cross-functional teams in executing innovative solutions. Change management methodologies were a central focus, allowing me to navigate the complexities of organizational transformation seamlessly.

The program’s emphasis on stakeholder engagement and communication strategies empowered me to secure buy-in from top leadership while aligning and inspiring personnel at all levels. I learned to leverage data-driven decision-making, risk mitigation strategies, and adaptive leadership approaches to steer innovation projects to success.

Capstone experiences included consulting for real organizations on implementing innovation programs and change initiatives. This hands-on application further refined my ability to analyze contexts, develop tailored strategies, and deliver measurable outcomes.

By completing York St John’s esteemed Leading Innovation and Change program, I emerged as a well-rounded change catalyst, adept at turning innovative ideas into tangible business value. My versatile skill set allows me to drive sustainable growth for organizations through continuous reinvention and market leadership.

My research (2012-2017) and thesis on leadership which resulted in a Master’s in “Leading innovation and change” consisted of the following parts;

Essence of Leadership
Leading Innovation and Change
Culture and Innovation
Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

Which resulted in my thesis;

How Leaders Support Innovation and Change