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Besse Vaseghi

Working with Mats in Saudi Arabia and Dubai has been a pleasure. He is a very dedicated person and whatever he does, is strictly professional.

Niklas Lindbom

As a business colleague to Mats in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates, I have seen him dealing extremely professionally with many difficult issues in a multicultural and insecure environment. He is sharp and highly competent in processes and financial day-to-day work, to the point in discussions and he is very human in his approach to the people he manages and towards his colleagues.

Marco-Antonio Morales

Mats managed the global implementation of Ericsson’s invoice scanning and workflow solution for local companies and market units. He performed the task involved with determination and stamina and managed to deliver according to our customer’s expectations and demands. Needless to say, the results increased administrative efficiency while decreasing the total cost for our local companies and Market Units.

Jyri Lönnström

Mats is a person that has excellent leadership skills combined with a talent to know the numbers and a very good common sense. The listed abilities above and the fact that he is very appreciated by his staff for his support and leadership makes Mats to a most enjoyable person to work together with. Mats always took time to discuss strategy and business issues. If I ever should have the possibilities to work with him again, I shouldn’t hesitate to join his team! I recommend Mats at the warmest!

Susan Kreivi

Mats is a driven person who is enthusiastic about work and achieving results on time, every time. He is structured and very good at and interested in motivating personnel. These characteristics make him a good manager who is easy and fun to work with. 

Mårten Edvardsson

I had the great pleasure of working with Mats during my time at LM Ericsson. He is a very skilled, focused and structured person in his line of work. He is good at making the right decisions at the right time. He is very interested in providing a good working environment for his team which led to good results over time. He’s a very motivating person with a good sense of humor and with an excellent knowledge within the financial field.

Jerry Chang

Mats is a great leader with vision. As my line manager, he has shared his view of how to make improvement and guided me in many cases to generate max. value to the organization.

Mats is also a greater mentor in both career and life aspects. He always generously shares different new ideas about life/career and how we can manage those in different perspectives.

Niranjan Rengasamy

Mats were my manager in Saudi 5 years before, and during my 14 years of Ericsson period, I never worked such a great manager who really supports and guide the employees with High professionalism & keep the Core value. Mats Is the Best manager who is having high leadership skills and know what to do and how to do, Especially, Motivate the resources, use the resources in the correct place based on their talent and capability, Support them when they needed either official work or a problems, The person who you can talk about your personal matter and get valuable advice, the no drought rather than Mats. Mats are not like a Manager and he is like you best friend when you work with him. He always follows the co-operate process and he is one of the process orient person that he needs to keep the company policy, core value and always thing about the benefit of the company first. Apart from this as a person, he is a good father as he keeps his personal life separate and takes care his family even though with his busy schedule. I strongly recommend Mats whoever trying to look for a Manager to run the organization such as Financial Control, or SSC or any Service providing organization. I wish him good luck and waiting for another opportunity to work with him to learn more about the leadership & management skills from Mats.

Mattias Gidlund

Mats is a highly committed and business oriented person. Who alway’s work for the best of the company. Mats are good in encourage its employees to develop them self’s and to take their own initiative.

Roger Lindberg

Mats is a competent, devoted and inspiring Manager at Ericsson. I have been working with him and his different teams several times and I am always surprised of the positive and useful feedback he gets from his subordinates every time. In case you get the option of employing him or to work together with him, don´t hesitate… go for it!!!

Ali Sadek

Mats is a very experienced guy within Finance both from his career within Ericsson or earlier within SAAB. He also possesses the international aspect as he has been working as an expat for Ericsson in Saudi Arabia. As person Mats is very straight forward with no room for “bullshit” but keeping a very professional attitude about his work relations. I would definitely recommend Mats as a big asset for any organization.